AFConservation was founded by Alison Foster, an Accredited Conservator caring for objects belonging to individuals, museums and other heritage organisations

ICON - Approved version - accredited mem

From assessing the preservation needs of a personal heirloom, to providing a specification for a tender package, AFConservation can assist with a wide variety of conservation projects. Services include:

All projects begin with an assessment of an object and its environment, to identify the issues and to determine suitable methods and materials for conservation, if required. 

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Remedial conservation involves treatments to stabilise objects that are suffering from damage which, if left untreated, could lead to further deterioration or loss.


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How an object is stored and displayed plays a vital part in its ongoing condition and survival for the future.


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24  /  06  /  2020

Accredited by the Institute of Conservation!


01  /  07  /  2020

Check out my new profile on Icon's website- nearly there.....


02  /  07  /  2020

The Pickling Project Shortlisted for a Museums + Heritage Award!

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